Who We Are

What We Do

The Ethiopia Education Fund (EEF) enables disadvantaged youth and young adults in Kaffa Zone, which is located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region in Ethiopia, to realize their educational potential.

The EEF believes that education is the key to achieve success at multiple levels:

      1.  In the student’s own life
      2.  In the life of the student’s family
      3.  In the student’s community
      4.  In society as a whole as human potential is better realized.

There are three specific objectives of the EEF:

      1.  To enable marginalized youth and young adults in rural Ethiopia to attend school so they can continue their education and reach their potential;
      2.  To provide tutoring to marginalized youth and young adults in rural Ethiopia when studying in their own village school or at a school away from their village so they are more likely to pass their examinations and continue their schooling;
      3.  To advocate on behalf of marginalized youth and young adults in rural Ethiopia for increased educational support and opportunities so that more can finish their education, thereby improving their lives and better contribute to society.

The EEF seeks to achieve these objectives through the following activities:

      1. Provide one-year scholarships to marginalized youth.  Youth, especially from poor and marginalized families, lack the ability to overcome both cultural and financial barriers to living and studying in villages other than their own.  In rural Ethiopia, secondary schools and colleges are often located in towns and cities distant to the villages of marginalized youth.  The scholarship enables the student who has been promoted to the next grade to continue their education at a school in a distant location by providing support for them to live in another town.
      2. Provide tutoring to marginalized youth.  In addition to financial barriers, marginalized youth often have difficulties learning as they seek to become the first of their family to move through the school system.  Often their family environment does not provide sufficient educational support to give the student the best chance of passing their examination and moving to the next grade.  Tutors may be provided so that this barrier can be overcome and students will have the best chance of achieving their educational potential and thus fulfilling the purpose of the EEF.
      3. Advocate for increased educational support and opportunities for marginalized youth.  The vision of the EEF is that all youth will be able to realize their educational potential by attending school as long as they can pass their examinations, regardless of financial or cultural constraints.  In order to achieve this vision, the EEF will engage in advocacy activities in order to make others aware of this need.  We will use examples of success from our own work and discuss the unmet need, i.e., the many students who meet our criteria yet are unable to receive a scholarship due to limited funds.  We will engage other non-profit organizations and officials of the government involved in local education so that additional support can be provided to marginalized youth so they can finish their education.  In this way, the EEF’s mission will be furthered and the vision realized.